Another Shooting

Who would have thought

That schools would be fraught

With death on display

On most any day

No place seems immune

To this violent tune

Played out in real time

On cell phones are these crimes

While parents and friends

Hold their breath till it ends

While the fallen lie still

With their blood from the kill

Stains the floor and our screens

As we ask what it means

Homage to Health Care Workers

There is an army that works for us

A cadre of folks that we can trust

To keep our very best in mind

And do their best to be so kind


From EMT beside the road

To docs who daily bear the load

The nurse who works those 12s and more

And ,orderlies who cleans the floor


The specialist and family doc

The ones who work around the clock

The ones who might clean out your ear

And ones who listens to your fears


And lately battles wage a war

On super bugs the flu and more

Germs that spring from forest slime

And some return a second time


So let us thank the troops out front

That daily face these germs and hunt

To find a cure for dread disease

And Give their very lives to please


Home is where your heart remains

And other things that time has gained

Like Tempurpedic mattress bed

The fav’rite pillow for your head

The chair reclining just for you

And pets with friendly licks helloo


The Grey that says anything at all

The dogs that chase their favrite ball

And Bob the friendly Squirrel outback

And even chores that strain the back

Adventures come and go it seems

But home is still the place we dream

Do you Love a Parade

Parades are made to celebrate

We hope they only demonstrate

A positive display of pride

And cause us not to run and hide


Round here parades are lots of fun

With beads and throws for everyone

The floats are built with loving care

And some return from year to year


Parades return in many places

For celebrating local graces

As in the town were I was raised

Each year there came Dairy parade


Some Independence celebrate

Others New Years Roses wait

Thanksgiving gives us Macey’s Pride

With giant balloons up in the sky


But do we need a fresh display

Of military might today

To rattle “sabers” at the world

For friends and foes our flag unfurled


The world I think knows of our might

And Teddys wisdom mostly right

A “big stick” yes we ought possess

Yet speaking softly is the best

Cajun Snow

So they asked Boudreaux about the snow

First I saw twas on a show

Maybe white by morning it be green

I sure it twas last time I seen


Here bouts this time of year

Not much green nor white be near

Only colors purple and gold

Some white on King cakes i am told


Snow well don’t know bout today

Closed the Highway anyway

They say the bridges freeze at night

Maybe dem bridges be ones that’s white

True Confessions from One Who Prays

I’m reminded today of the power of prayer

It seems easy when praying like breathing the air

When praying for others both near and afar

Like riding a bike or driving a car


Yet when I am praying for needs of my own

I might as well sing with a tongue made of stone

It’s not that I lack the faith in God’s love

Nor wonder if answers will come from above


It’s more that I fear He might have some new task

That goes with fulfillment of all that I ask

That all will will work out for the good in my life

But the narrow road still will be littered with strife


As a saint has once said deep in prayer in her day

No wonder your friends are so few anyway,

For you treat them so badly they all fall away

And yet I will love you till my dying day


Yes being a Christian is no easy task

And following Jesus is too much to ask

But yet by His Grace he gives what we need

And answers our prayers as we follow His lead

Pity Party

I wanted oh so bad

Thought that i could be so glad

To have a party just for me

With lots of Kleenex on my knee

Just enough to blow my nose

And hope that all my pain might show

Why once it starts might go on and on

The tears that run from night till dawn

Id garner lots if sympathy

Rehearse my woes for empathy

A Pity Party’s what I need

If only had some company

Instead the high road I will find

And do my best to still be kind

Confess my irritability

Repress my whining tendencies

And seek your help with measured voice

That says please serve me as a choice

That blesses you and me today

And lets you stay or go away

Ill find a reason for this trial

And turn creative here awhile

With bits if wisdom cheer and fun

To finish well what has begun


Inspired by nature – the burdock seed

A Swiss engineer perfects what we need

To fasten our clothes, our shoes and yes more

Why anything anyone wants to stick or restore


It comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes

They use it in sports, in space and on drapes

In medicine, military, kitchen and store

The pride of the elderly, babies and more


You’ve seen it on diapers on tents and on tools

You’ve seen in at weddings in funerals and schools

With more applications discovered each day

Oh what did we do before Velcro held sway

Who Else is too Big to Fall

Who else is too big to fail

On who do we decide to pin the tail

The American people get it in the ass

While both sides of the isle fail to pass


Most millionaires with agendas for votes

Cant get our collective wallet to tote

And find compromise in our common estate

But none seem to worry about how they rate


Throw the bastards out I say

And require the next bunch to waive their pay

Until the budget comes on line

They must work together or resign


The devil is in the details of course

And it’s harder and harder to back the right horse

But the answers will all be in shades of grey

Not red nor blue will save the day


So get it together on capital hill

And pass us a budget and show us some will

To be compromising and fight for us all

And let us be proud of both sides of the hall

Old Age

Caught a bit of TED Talk last night

Bout the predictors of living right

That is to say to living life long

Is helped the most how we belong


Of  top ten predictors it’s not what you guess

Not cutting out fats nor your cigarettes

Not exercise time not laps in the pool

Will lengthen your life , isn’t that cool


Its having a cadre of people around

Your family your fiends who count when you’re down

It’s your positive way that you take time to greet

The people you know or just chance for to meet


It’s sharing and caring with others the best

To keep you alive much longer says test

So thank you my Friends for being here too

Perhaps we will live to a hundred and two