Under Your Rainbow

I wrote this song during the first gulf war. It became popular during Hurricane Rita. A friend used as a theme song for a KAIROS Outside retreat.



         D                 G         D              A

Lord, let me live under Your rainbow,

   D                       A                 G               A

Blessed by the promise of Covenant Love.

  D                      G               D             A

Let your light shine as a light in a window,

  G                    A                               G  D

Cast out the darkness with Your love.

Thick are the clouds of trouble around me

Deep is the flood of danger in the night

 Rough are the waves on the streets of the city,

 Send the peace dove and Your light.


Now I see storm clouds are passing

Prepare a home for my soul to reside.

Plant a new faith in my life for you serving,

In my heart may love abide.




By The Rev. Geoffrey Schmitt.  ©1996 Geoffrey Schmitt.  ARR.   UBP.