Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies, Acupressure and Such

I have always been interested in alternative medicine modalities like aromatherapy, herbal remedies and acupressure. Working in the medical field I’m well aware mainstream medicine for the most part thinks its all a bunch of hooey at worst and some kind of placebo effect at best.

Most of my experience has been personal and anecdotal although  there have been various “scientific studies” done on some of these things. This area of the site will discuss these various modalities.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Nothing presented here is to be taken as medical advise. All content herein is meant for purely entertainment. Always check with your doctor before trying any herb, aromatherapy or acupressure. He/She will likely tell you its a bunch of hooey but check with him/her anyway. Especially be aware some herbals and essential oils can interact with certain medications and any herb or oil can cause allergic reactions…as can lots of things like strawberries and bee stings. Use common sense. Keep in mind just because you can get it over the counter does not mean it can’t hurt you.  Be especially cautious with children. Because of their lower body weight they can be more easily affected by any exposure.

When deciding to try any essential oil or carrier oil it is best to do a small patch test by applying lightly on your wrist and covering with a band aide for 24 hours. If a rash appears or it itches don’t use it anymore.

Essential oils are concentrated and should be diluted in a carrier oil or used in a diffuser and not applied directly to the skin. They are not meant to be taken internally. Some people do and some counties actually approve essential oils to be used internally but under the guidance of a trained aroma therapist. Also, since essential oil production is not regulated be cautious where you buy your oils from. The oil should say 100% essential oil and list the Latin name for the oil. Essential oils really are one of those things in which you get what you pay for.

Herbal remedies and preparations are also not well regulated so do your research and use common senses.

Now that we have all the warning out there, it also bears saying that for centuries herbal remedies were all our ancestors had to treat illness with. What I find fascinating is assuming it’s not all hooey how did they figure out what herb helped what? How did the Chinese figure out pressing in certain areas helped certain physical problems?

Modern medicine is a wonder. Improved surgical techniques, child birth methods, anesthesia and antibiotics not to mention medications for conditions from cancer to diabetes have saved countless lives. It would be silly to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

However,  it is also big business and no longer in my opinion much about the “art” of anything much less healing. Along with its wonders it has brought unforeseen side effects such as drug resistant bacteria and moral question about weather we should do something just because we can. So perhaps it was my dissatisfaction with the lost “art” of healing that caused my interest in alternatives.

At any rate for whatever reason, please enjoy the “entertainment” these post may provide. Please do NOT in any way use them as medical advise.