Welcome to Da Schmitt House. We(Geoff and Brenda) built this site to share content about our hobbies, our journeys, and various forms of art we like to create from music to poetry to sculpture. Its quite an eclectic mix! We recognize this is not the best way to “optimize” a site but its a labor of love. If it makes money great we like money as much as anyone else.  To that end you will see a few Google ads and Amazon affiliate links here and there and I will add links to my Etsy store if I ever get around to publishing it!  If it doesn’t make money that’s fine too as its all about the process as is true of life itself we think.  The sites I enjoy the most provide good information and/or products but the love of the topic seems primary. That’s what we hope to do with this site. The site is organized with categories for the various topics we both enjoy. We will add to each topic as spirit moves us. If even one person gets something useful or helpful out of it, we will consider it a success!